Private Coaching

One-on-one sessions to take you into the deepest reaches of your craft.

Sliding scale payment
Pay-What-You-Can option available by application.

*Limited number of clients currently being taken.

Beyond being a technician.

The Creative Performer

These sessions are for actors looking to go deeper into their current roles. Helping you to break out of your stereotypes, patterns and trying to "get it right". We'll work on how to really let yourself go and take your performances to a new level.

A creative life is a spiritual life.

Spiritual Inquiry

What does your spiritual life look like? That's the question we will endeavour to explore and understand. This is not about subscribing to any religion or creed. This is about opening the door to possibilities that make sense to you and reclaiming what "spiritual" means to your life.

Message at the bottom of the page to apply.