Freedom as an actor, freedom as an artist.

Most training that exists for actors develops technicians, not artists. Our passion is to help actors come to discover the innate artists they already are. To experience and express their fullest creative force as it already exists.

This may all sound a little lofty, however, it is not only possible but imperative. When you are connected to this side of yourself all technique flows out from this place and more meaningfully than before.

Our courses combine Meisner training along with emerging understandings to help you develop not just personally but to give you a practical and intuitive way of working that you can rely on your whole life.

Freedom as an actor, freedom as an artist.

How does that sound to you?


Evan C. Schulte

Evan has been engaged in the art and craft of acting for over twenty years. A former graduate of SchoolCreative and The True Acting Institute, he is an insightful and passionate teacher of the Meisner Technique since 2014 which he learned under the instruction and guidance of renowned teacher, Larry Silverberg.

He has also hosted the Way of the Artist podcast exploring and learning about the creative process with artists of all types since 2015.

Way of the Artist

School founder Evan C. Schulte dives into the struggles and challenges of artistry, the creative process, and the life that goes with it with co-host Brandon Colby Cook. Featuring guests from all walks of artistic disciplines, expect to get some great wisdom and uncover your own power. Available on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, Google & more.